Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos

Using K - 10 % hook and 1 Half double crochet strand each of A an C held decrease ( hdc2tog ) : ( Yo , together as one , 10 sts = insert hook in next ... In later rows , position blocks directly over blocks in specified row ( 3 or 4 ) .

Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos

Two hot trends combine in one classic collection: the popular poncho and the hip craft of crochet. And these 33 designs take the versatile wardrobe staple to new heights of sophistication: they feature a range of neckline and hem variations, and come in a variety of yarns, including novelty types like ribbon, faux suede, and fur. Some are long, others short; some are dressy, others just made for a fancy night on the town. And the majority are one size fits all. With the help of a well-illustrated basics section, brand-new or out-of-practice crocheters can confidently pick up their needles and create an open-weave poncho with sleeves and cuffs, a wrap-up for winter, a shimmering gold lacy poncho, and other showstoppers.

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