How to Win Any Negotiation

Tip: See How to Win Any Argument (Career Press, 2005), Chapter 2 (Construct a Consent Zone), and Chapter 3 (Link Inside the Consent Zone). Technique is also the art of application. The same paint 152 CHAPTER 18: Mind Tricks: The Squish ...

How to Win Any Negotiation

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How to Win Any Negotiation
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Pages: 540
Authors: Robert Mayer
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-10-21 - Publisher:

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"Alongside his own story, that of a youthful humanist evolving into an ambivalent medical student, an accidental microbiologist, and finally a world-class researcher, Bishop gives us a fast-paced and engrossing tale of the microbe hunters. It is a narrative enlivened by vivid anecdotes about our deadliest microbial enemies - the
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